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  Vientiane and Luang Prabang, Its two main cities, receive most of the visitors each year, but there are also many places to discover including Vang Vieng, Tadlo, Pakse and Bolaven Plateau...A charming, compact, landlocked country, home to only six million inhabitants; Laos is an increasingly popular travel destination. We believe that with tour specialists will use our unrivalled local knowledge to tailor-make a travel itinerary which is perfect for you or your family.

  • From the border to the ancient capital

    In only five days, you will travelfrom the border of Laos and Vietnam to the former Laotian capital LuangPrabang via MuongNgoi, taking boat trips on the Nam Ou River. LuangPrabangwas once the residence of the country’s kings.

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    Amazing Laos

    This circuit allows you to delve into the northern and central region of Laos.

    A quiet and peaceful city, with a mixture of huge colonial buildings and ancient temples that blend with the colors of the daily markets, Vientiane is one of the best urban destinations for visitors. AtXiengKhoang’s Plain of Jars you can explore the remains of a prehistoric period in the region. Finally, LuangPrabang, a small town with easy access to its main sights, will offer you unforgettable memories of its magnificent World Heritage Sites: WatVisoun the oldest temple in LuangPrabang, the famous and controversial WatAham, the stunning WatXieng Thong and many more. You can also climb the 328 steps of Mount Phousi to admire a panoramic view of the valley that houses LuangPrabang and stroll through the aisles of the local ethnic market at your leisure. 


  • Laos from North to South

    Laos, known as the "Land of a Million Elephants" is an intriguing destination in South East Asia. Travelers will discover the intensity of Laotianlife on boat trips down the Mekong and experience the warm hospitality of the people here.



  • Laos’ Secret Treasure

    On this tour you will get a panoramic view of the beautiful scenery and long history of Laos. Ancient temples, architectural monuments, ancient cities, villages, natural sites of beauty, all tell beautiful stories of Laos and its people.

    The quiet and charming capital Vientiane with its many architectural masterpieces, VangVieng, a small town nestled on the banks of Nam Song River and a landscape of plains, mountain peaks and calm rivers, LuangPrabang, and its sleepy environment surrounded by steep mountains and natural wonders are all destinations on this incredible trip. 


    This trip promises to be unforgettable and filled with impressive sights!






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Traveled from 07 Oct 2013 to 18 Oct 2013

"We returned home safely and just wanted to tell you how much we enjoyed our journey in Vietnam. We are all so happy and better informed about life in Vietnam after the trip you so carefully organised for us."

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